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At NJ CHALLENGE, we embrace the proven principles of self-assurance and goal-setting training, synonymous with the methodology upheld by Challenge U. Softball®. These principles stem from the esteemed National CUDIT® Hitting Coach Certification Program, encompassing athlete visualization training, mastery of body language, and fostering self-talk awareness.

The transformative CUDIT® VBS System has propelled both CUDIT® and Challenge U. Softball® athletes to unprecedented heights of success. We are proud to introduce this pinnacle of training excellence to our esteemed club organization, NJ CHALLENGE.

At NJ CHALLENGE, we're committed to nurturing the mental fortitude of every athlete through the groundbreaking CUDIT® VBS System. This comprehensive approach entails exclusive mental training practices, enlightening seminars led by our founder and ongoing confidence-building sessions.

In conjunction with the CUDIT® VBS System, our athletes will harness the power of the CUDIT® Word of the Week (WOTW) program. These ten carefully curated words, passed down through CUDIT®, serve as pillars for enhancing mental resilience in athletic endeavors.

Words like GRIT, PROUD, and CERTAIN exemplify the essence of our WOTW initiative. Throughout the NJ CHALLENGE season, our athletes will engage in consistent training to internalize these principles, fostering profound self-assurance both on and off the field.

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